Information on Pre-Qualification of Counterparties (Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers)

Counterparties seeking to participate in procurement activities of LLC SMNM-VECO, ECC should pass a preliminary qualification (hereinafter referred to as pre-qualification).

Pre-qualification includes preliminary selection of potential service providers, work contractors and material suppliers etc. to identify their capabilities to perform required works or supply materials per SMNM-VECO standards. Due diligence of counterparties includes verification of their legal status, financial sustainability, integrity and business reputation to prevent corruption, fraud and minimize risks.

When to submit documents for pre-qualification

Documents for pre-qualification may be submitted by a counterparty both as part of a procurement process (providing a commercial proposal or tender proposal), as well as at any other time (voluntary pre-qualification).

Even if not pre-qualified, counterparty may still submit requests for participation in procurement processes. In this case counterparty is required to provide a full package of documents for pre-qualification along with the documents for participation in procurement.

How to submit documents for pre-qualification

Documents for pre-qualification may be provided both electronically and in hard copies. In case you have any questions regarding participation in procurement, please send a letter/request to

When submitting documents for pre-qualification, counterparties are obliged to abide by all the requirements to documentation preparation. Samples and forms of documentation for pre-qualification are provided below.